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Corporate Profile – Ahmad Obaid Shipping
Corporate Profile

What We Stand For

At AOS, we provide you with nonpareil solutions to expand your reach to every corner you desire. We combine our deep understanding of the customer’s internal & external requirement with our strategic approach, providing a one-stop solution to get your brand on the go. Our approach focuses on how we deliver operational excellence to provide viable, cost-effective technology-enabled solutions to the most challenging logistics & supply chain management questions.

We are a 360-degree service provider in the logistics industry

Vision, Mission and Our Values

We are committed to achieving a level of quality, which will set the pace in the Transport and Logistics marketplace in terms of value and service.

To provide the highest quality service to our customers by continuously increasing cost efficiency and maintaining delivery deadlines. To encourage our workforce to continuously strive for quality and excellence in everything they do.

AOS has always been values-driven. Our shared values guide our actions that help us make a difference. These values continue to direct the growth and business of AOS. The core AOS values underpinning the way we do business are:

Entrepreneurial Soul: We embrace innovations when it comes to technology. We know how to think creatively as entrepreneurs for operational excellence to create profitable growth and value.

Portfolio: Offering the world a complete portfolio of logistics services that anticipate and satisfy clients’ desires and needs.

Responsive: We understand the customer’s need, so we know to act quickly so that others can perform at their best.

Passion: Committed at heart and mind.

Quality: What we do, we do well.

Leadership: Leadership means different things to different people, and effective leadership styles can vary significantly, depending on the client and the situation.

Safety-Focused: We believe that safety is of utmost importance, extending beyond the company to our customers, communities, and families.